The immune system is a framework of a network of cells, tissues and organs that function together and provide protection to the body. Part of the cells that the immune system is made up of are white blood cells and leukocytes. They function in two elemental types and integrate to locate and destroy any organisms or substances that might cause disease. This assemblage of structures and processes that operate within the body is very important.

A healthy immune system is fundamental to the health of anyone. When you have a low immune system or suffer from immune system disorders, you will be susceptible to disease and infections. To have good health, you need an immune system that is strong and balanced. The immune system faces challenges on a daily basis due to the toxic nature of our environment. Antigens are noxious substances that can cause our bodies to get sick or infected. Any time the immune system identifies an antigen, it reacts by generating proteins referred to as antibodies that eradicate the antigens. Bacteria, toxins and viruses are all antigens. Cancer cells are also antigens. Generally, the immune system's function is to protect the body from any foreign substance that can cause harm.

Some of the ways of boosting the immune system include living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding anything that might increase your blood pressure. It is also advisable to exercise on a regular basis and to ensure that your weight is controlled. Too much alcohol as well as smoking can contribute to a weakened immune system. You should also get sufficient sleep and eat a diet that contains lots of fruits, vegetables and foods that contain low saturated fat. You also must ensure that you take necessary measures to avoid infection.

Your immune system generally responds to thoughts regardless of whether they are positive or negative. You can create a positive mental attitude through meditation to help to boost your immune system. Meditation also helps to balances the body’s system and helps to alleviate any condition that is brought about due to stress. Stress is a major factor that can cause the immune system to become weak. The relaxation response that is achieved through meditation will help in improving many conditions and this is good for the immune system. Antibodies are very effective in neutralising foreign components such as viruses and bacteria in the body. Because meditation boosts antibodies, it contributes to a healthy immune system.

Meditation is very effective for stress reduction, relaxation and anxiety reduction. Reducing stress and anxiety in the body and relaxing more will help the immune system to be strong and keep infections and illness at bay. The benefits of meditation for the immune system are therefore limitless.



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