Sleep is not just about quantity but also about quality. There are people who sleep for very long hours but when they wake up, they will still feel sleepy during the day. How you feel when you are awake depends on how well you slept, or how unwell you slept. If you are always tired during the daytime, it could be because you don’t sleep well at night. If you want to be productive during the daytime, you must sleep well at night. Sleep is connected to a reduction in blood pressure and respiratory levels. Some people are unable to sleep well because they suffer from sleep apnoea. This is a condition that takes place when a person's breathing discontinues while they are asleep.

How Meditation Helps with Sound Sleep

A technique known as deep sleep meditation can help you enjoy sound sleep. This is because meditation is believed to have a very strong psychological effect on anyone’s body. The practice of meditation is also believed to be very influential as far as the functions of the brain are concerned. People who suffer from sleep apnoea require sleep apnoea treatment but this can also be accompanied by meditation. Because insomnia is believed to be caused by what is known as daytime hyper arousal, meditation can helps solve this problem. Mediation can help bring about improvements because when people meditate, they experience what is known as restful alertness. Meditation will not only help people with sleeping problems, but those people can enjoy the benefits of meditation for the long term. If you have chronic insomnia, you will need to seek treatment but you can also practice meditation because it will help your mind enter a more restful state.



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