About MeditationMonk

As someone who has a love of Hypnotic Language Patterns and an expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Results Coaching, I had been looking at alternative methods of healing and the potential for mind/body improvement for some time.

When I managed to give myself a long term dis-ease I turned my focus to aspects of new technologies that deal more with solutions and less with symptoms.

I discovered Brainwave Entrainment in 2010 and became excited about its potential for healing and generally improving the mind.

The idea that you can train your brain to produce brainwaves at specific frequencies to perform various functions such as improved concentration and creativity, stimulating healing, reducing anxiety, seemed of enormous significance to me.

Combining NLP, Coaching, Hypnotic Language Patterns and Brainwave Entrainment has allowed me to develop, over time, opportunities to help others maximise their potential both in terms of helping the body to heal itself, and helping the mind to improve itself.

Meditationmonk is the result of putting all of this together:  NLP, Coaching, Hypnotic Language, Brainwave Entrainment.  I have learned from clients over the years that it is up to us to heal ourselves, develop our understanding and promote our own health and wellbeing. It is my hope that the meditations here will help those who listen to them.

At MeditationMonk we are interested in promoting healing and bringing opportunities for healing and guidance to all.

Our members benefit from a range of resources and training including:

  • Healing meditations incorporating the power of sound
  • Meditations using hypnotic language tracks
  • Meditations for Children
  • A range of free meditations available to download
  • Information about alternative therapies and healing


We are interested in your feedback and welcome you to contact us so that we can tailor our website and products to your requirements.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have, and help deal with any problems you run into whilst using our website. To contact us, please send a message via our contact page.