About MeditationMonk

As someone who has a love of Hypnotic Language Patterns and an expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Results Coaching, I had been looking at alternative methods of healing and the potential for mind/body improvement for some time.

When I managed to give myself a long term dis-ease I turned my focus to aspects of new technologies that deal more with solutions and less with symptoms.

I discovered Brainwave Entrainment in 2010 and became excited about its potential for healing and generally improving the mind.

The idea that you can train your brain to produce brainwaves at specific frequencies to perform various functions such as improved concentration and creativity, stimulating healing, reducing anxiety, seemed of enormous significance to me.

Combining NLP, Coaching, Hypnotic Language Patterns and Brainwave Entrainment has allowed me to develop, over time, opportunities to help others maximise their potential both in terms of helping the body to heal itself, and helping the mind to improve itself.

Meditationmonk is the result of putting all of this together:  NLP, Coaching, Hypnotic Language, Brainwave Entrainment.  I have learned from clients over the years that it is up to us to heal ourselves, develop our understanding and promote our own health and wellbeing. It is my hope that the meditations here will help those who listen to them.

At MeditationMonk we are interested in promoting healing and bringing opportunities for healing and guidance to all.

Our members benefit from a range of resources and training including:

  • Healing meditations incorporating the power of sound
  • Meditations using hypnotic language tracks
  • Meditations for Children
  • A range of free meditations available to download
  • Information about alternative therapies and healing


We are interested in your feedback and welcome you to contact us so that we can tailor our website and products to your requirements.

We are more than happy to answer any questions you have, and help deal with any problems you run into whilst using our website. To contact us, please send a message via our contact page.


How was it Discovered?

In the 1960s Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist, found that low-frequency sounds produced simple geometric shapes in various materials.  Increasing the frequency created more complex patterns. For instance, the sound OH created a perfect circle.

In the 1970s a jazz musician named Fabien Maman, working with a French physicist (Joel Sternheimer), discovered that body tissues, organs and acupuncture meridians each have their own musical note.  He went on to work with Helene Grimal, a French scientist.  They discovered that even at lower volumes, sound had an effect not only on healthy cells but also on cancerous ones.

Progressing the sounds up the musical scale caused the cancerous cells to ‘explode’.

Fabien said:

“It appears that the cancerous cells were not able to support a progressive accumulation of frequencies…The healthy cells appeared supple and able to freely receive, absorb and return the energy.  In contrast, the cancerous cells appeared inflexible and immutable in their structure.”

Another musician, Jim Oliver, put sounds into a pair of headphones strapped to someone’s ankles.

They responded to the sounds although their ears couldn’t hear them.

More recently, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto played music to water.  Classical music produced beautiful water crystals, as did healing music, Tibetan mantras and folk music.  Heavy metal music, on the other hand, along with Japanese pop music, produced ugly, disfigured crystals.

Given that our bodies are made up of several elements, including water (70%) wouldn’t this suggest that we can be influenced by the sounds around us, and this influence extends to affecting the water, tissues, organs and cells in our bodies.

For more info on this subject, check out The Healing Power of Sound by Simon Heather, founder of The Sound Healers Association (UK) and The College of Sound Healing.  SimonHeather.co.uk (and no, I don’t get a kickback for the plug, I just believe in this stuff so much I want to put it out there for anyone who’s as interested as I am).

What are Sound Pulses?
The Three Main Sound Pulses

There are different types of sound pulses or beats used in brainwave entrainment. The three main ones are:

1. Binaural which have been around for a long time. Different frequencies are played into each ear, causing the brain to produce electrical impulses that match the difference between the two frequencies. They require the use of headphones. After a time the brain gets used to them and tends to ignore them.

2. Monaural beats are thought to have a longer term effect than binaural beats. They consist of pulses at the same frequency played simultaneously into both ears. They don’t have to be listened to through headphones.

3. Isochronic tones are the latest and most up to date tool of brainwave entrainment. They are more intense and have more effect on the brain.

MeditationMonk uses isochronic tones in its sessions, either singularly or in combination with monaural or binaural beats.

How will this Help ME ?

MeditationMonk combines the healing power of meditation with the healing energy of sound. Think of music, natural sounds, blended with sound frequencies to benefit your body, mind and spirit. How will you benefit?

You can:

  • Connect with your goals to manifest your desired results
  • Access whole of brain functioning
  • Improve health
  • Begin to balance and align your body
  • Use sound frequencies to help your body heal


New levels of creativity will spark for you and ignite within you as you free yourself from stress and anxiety.