MeditationMonk Courses

Meditation Monk has a range of courses and programmes designed especially to complement our unique brand of meditation and coaching.

Our goal in life is to help as many people as we can to release limiting beliefs, reduce stress and anxiety and grow into the beautiful people we are all destined to be. Please join us on the journey to a happier, healthier life through meditation.

mindbizniz manifestation

MindBizNiz Manifestation Package

Do you want to have more abundance?

Do you have the feeling that there's more out there, but it's just not coming your way?

Do you know what's missing from your life but you're not sure how to get it?

We are all creative beings. One of the more important lessons we have to learn is how to create the life of our dreams: how to manifest abundance, how to have all that we desire and deserve.

MeditationMonk's MindBizNiz Manifestation Package is a self-study course that comes with a workbook, meditation downloads, a social media group - and a deadline!

It's Fun, it's Fast and it Brings Results! Join us in bringing more abundance into the world.

Your investment in this program is a one-off payment of $97.

post traumatic stress disorder program

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Program

More and more people are being diagnosed with stress disorders as a result of trauma. It seems the more we experience in life, the harder it can be to deal with those experiences.

MeditationMonk does not offer a cure. Instead we look at ways to relieve the symptoms, build inner strength and develop greater resources to deal with whatever we are facing.

Utilising Guided Visualisation, Hypnotic Language Patterns, Sound Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, our unique brand of coaching known as The 52 Step Coaching Resource Tool and Art Therapy, we work with you to encourage release of past trauma, develop the ability to remain in the present moment, reduce stress and anxiety, create a new reality and thereby build a better future.

We understand that this can be a drawn out process and have structured this program to be available on a monthly basis. Also included is a social media group and one 30-minute one-on-one session per month. This allows you to participate for as long as you feel you need to, to leave the program when you have reached your particular milestone or to leave after the first month.

Your investment in this program is just $97 per month, however the first month is offered at an introductory $47.