meditation mp3Meditation – it’s something monks do, isn’t it?  Or Zen Masters, or Yogis.  It’s a way of training the mind to enter certain states; states that bring peacefulness, tranquility or even healing.

Meditation takes years of practice, doesn’t it? Not any longer!

Using brainwave entrainment, it’s possible to enter the same states, produce the same brainwaves, as Zen Masters and Yogis.  As people who’ve been meditating for decades.

How is this possible? 

Brainwave entrainment is a method of training your brain to produce brainwaves at the same frequency as the sound vibration it is listening to, stimulating the brain using sound pulses.

Sound pulses, or beats, produce electrical impulses in your brain.  As you listen to the sounds, after 6 or 7 minutes your brain starts replicating them for itself.

Sounds too easy?  You’ll have noticed that a tuning fork vibrates when another, nearby tuning fork of the same frequency is struck.

In 1656 Dutch scientist Christian Huygens was working on the design of a pendulum clock.  When he placed two unsynchronised clocks side by side, the pendulums slowly synchronised themselves.  Now, more than 350 years later, we know that the same thing can be achieved in the brain.

The sound frequencies in MeditationMonk meditations will cause your brain to vibrate at the same frequencies as it’s hearing.  So when sound pulses or beats are played at the same frequency as delta or theta waves, after 6 or 7 minutes the brain starts reproducing them for itself.  Synchronising its electrical impulses with the pulses it is hearing.

In only 6 minutes, you too can be meditating like a Zen Master!

Brainwave entrainment can relieve stress, anxiety and a lot of other symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Attention Hyperactivity
  • Depression
  • Pre-Performance Focus
  • Pre-Exercise Focus

No need for harmful drugs!

Try it for Yourself

By investing 30 minutes a day you can:

Improve performance

Improve focus

Improve concentration

Learn better

Remember more

Reduce anxiety

Synchronising your brain’s electrical impulses to the frequencies it hears through your downloads allows you to choose the state you want to be in:

Deep relaxation

Calm contemplation

Whole brain functioning

Train your Brain – Download the power to your mobile or MP3

Tones, beats and sound pulses need to be audible so you will hear them in the soundtracks, however they have been blended with background sounds to create a pleasant and enjoyable ambiance.

Sound frequencies have been used for centuries.  The Shaman has long known that rhythmic drumming induces trance.  Sound healing itself is an ancient technique that fell out of favour when western wisdom joined forces with for-profit drug companies.  Nowadays, meditators use vocal tones and singing bowls to achieve meditative and healing states.

Genetic biochemists believe it’s possible to repair broken DNA using specific frequencies.  Why not do the job for them and entrain your brain to repair your own DNA.

Meditation MP3

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