If you are right am I wrong??

if-your-right-am-i-wrongThere are two ways to look at this image.  I am right and you are wrong. Or Hey, I never looked at it that way before.  It’s always up to us how we choose to see things, how we choose to interpret things.  Am I right? Does that mean someone else has to be wrong? Is it possible that there’s another way of looking at things?

Meditating allows us to release negativity, to let go of the need to be right at the expense of the beliefs, values, traditions of others. Over time we come to realise that it does not matter what anyone else thinks. That we are all entitled to have and to hold our own opinions. That we all see the world through our own filters, which are shaped by our own experiences and not by the experiences of others.

As we live more in the peaceful inner world we create for ourselves through meditation and less in the frantic, divided us-and-them world we are more easily able to relax and accept that others see the world differently to us: and that doesn’t make them – or us – wrong. Of course, it also doesn’t make them – or us – right either!

If we are able to relinquish our need to be right, and able to see the world as others see it, we are able to alter our perspective, our picture, of our own world and/or environment.  This gives us more options to deal with issues that present in our lives, more ability learn from the lessons life throws at us, more opportunity to grow and develop.

By using meditation as a tool to help us release negativity, we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow emotional intelligence and resilience, to see the world as both a six and a nine. And what a positive outlook that can be.

Meditation Laughter and Anger

Here is an instagram image by the Mind Unleashed.

It’s an interesting point, isn’t it?

One minute of anger can weaken our immune system for 4 to 5 hours. Weaken it enough, and disease gets in.

One minute of laughter can boost the immune system for 24 hours. Keep it strong, and we shut out dis-ease.

Meditation keeps the mind strong. Laughter keeps the immune system strong. Anger destroys everything and serves no useful purpose. Yet we are much more willing to indulge thoughts and feelings of anger than to focus on laughter, warmth, humour.

When we meditate, we release anger, stress, anxiety. We move into ourselves, become focused and grounded. Going within, we have no need for negativity. From within, we can create a warmer, kinder, stress free, relaxed environment for ourselves. With meditation, we gain the resources we need to be stronger, healthier, focused.

We can choose what we want to be: positive or negative, angry or happy. Just for today, let’s choose happiness and humour.

Why the Immune System is Important and How Meditation Can Help Support It

The immune system is a framework of a network of cells, tissues and organs that function together and provide protection to the body. Part of the cells that the immune system is made up of are white blood cells and leukocytes. They function in two elemental types and integrate to locate and destroy any organisms or substances that might cause disease. This assemblage of structures and processes that operate within the body is very important.

A healthy immune system is fundamental to the health of anyone. When you have a low immune system or suffer from immune system disorders, you will be susceptible to disease and infections. To have good health, you need an immune system that is strong and balanced. The immune system faces challenges on a daily basis due to the toxic nature of our environment. Antigens are noxious substances that can cause our bodies to get sick or infected. Any time the immune system identifies an antigen, it reacts by generating proteins referred to as antibodies that eradicate the antigens. Bacteria, toxins and viruses are all antigens. Cancer cells are also antigens. Generally, the immune system's function is to protect the body from any foreign substance that can cause harm.

Some of the ways of boosting the immune system include living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding anything that might increase your blood pressure. It is also advisable to exercise on a regular basis and to ensure that your weight is controlled. Too much alcohol as well as smoking can contribute to a weakened immune system. You should also get sufficient sleep and eat a diet that contains lots of fruits, vegetables and foods that contain low saturated fat. You also must ensure that you take necessary measures to avoid infection.

Your immune system generally responds to thoughts regardless of whether they are positive or negative. You can create a positive mental attitude through meditation to help to boost your immune system. Meditation also helps to balances the body’s system and helps to alleviate any condition that is brought about due to stress. Stress is a major factor that can cause the immune system to become weak. The relaxation response that is achieved through meditation will help in improving many conditions and this is good for the immune system. Antibodies are very effective in neutralising foreign components such as viruses and bacteria in the body. Because meditation boosts antibodies, it contributes to a healthy immune system.

Meditation is very effective for stress reduction, relaxation and anxiety reduction. Reducing stress and anxiety in the body and relaxing more will help the immune system to be strong and keep infections and illness at bay. The benefits of meditation for the immune system are therefore limitless.

Using Meditation to Consolidate Learning

How can you define knowledge? Knowledge can be defined as enlightenment, intelligence, or understanding. If you have facts or information, or even if you have a skill that you have acquired through experience or education, you can be called knowledgeable. Meditation is believed to be a key to enhancing the ability to concentrate and is very helpful in the function of the memory. What this means is that you can enhance your capacity for learning through the practice of meditation.

If you want to increase your capacity to be creative, meditation is a very good way to do that. Meditation is believed to be very popular for creative minds because it helps to sharpen concentration. To be creative, you need to learn concentration and remain focused. When you are focused, you can enhance your knowledge database. Enhancing your knowledge enables your creativity to be released in ways that you have never imagined before. Meditation also enables you to achieve the right conditions mentally and emotionally for your creativity to flourish.

Meditation helps you to focus and this helps you improve your ability to remain attentive and concentrate. When you practice meditation on a daily basis, you are able to stay calm and avoid distractions. In this world where knowledge is power, we have to do what it takes to increase our knowledge. To acquire knowledge, your mind must concentrate in order to absorb. If you would like to have financial knowledge or are interested in business knowledge, you must concentrate when you bury yourself in studying. Meditation will help you pay more attention when you study.

It is believed that knowledge is power. While learning is a lifelong process, many students have to work, attend to their families and keep striving to achieve academic excellence. Meditation is a very effective approach for dealing with stress. This is because meditation helps to quieten the mind. Meditation can help you pull away from the stress related to education and other aspects of life. Certain meditation exercises are known to help in the creation of positive attitudes. When you practise meditation, despite the pressures and the negative feelings because of the stress involved in life, you can still remain positive. If you want to tap into your inner resources and increase your knowledge database, meditation will help you do that. Your quest for knowledge is an essential part of your life. When you meditate, you are able to build a knowledge base that will help you advance the concepts that you learn.

Why We Need Sleep and How Meditation Can Help Us Get a Good Night’s Rest

Sleep is not just about quantity but also about quality. There are people who sleep for very long hours but when they wake up, they will still feel sleepy during the day. How you feel when you are awake depends on how well you slept, or how unwell you slept. If you are always tired during the daytime, it could be because you don’t sleep well at night. If you want to be productive during the daytime, you must sleep well at night. Sleep is connected to a reduction in blood pressure and respiratory levels. Some people are unable to sleep well because they suffer from sleep apnoea. This is a condition that takes place when a person's breathing discontinues while they are asleep.

How Meditation Helps with Sound Sleep

A technique known as deep sleep meditation can help you enjoy sound sleep. This is because meditation is believed to have a very strong psychological effect on anyone’s body. The practice of meditation is also believed to be very influential as far as the functions of the brain are concerned. People who suffer from sleep apnoea require sleep apnoea treatment but this can also be accompanied by meditation. Because insomnia is believed to be caused by what is known as daytime hyper arousal, meditation can helps solve this problem. Mediation can help bring about improvements because when people meditate, they experience what is known as restful alertness. Meditation will not only help people with sleeping problems, but those people can enjoy the benefits of meditation for the long term. If you have chronic insomnia, you will need to seek treatment but you can also practice meditation because it will help your mind enter a more restful state.